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What do we do?

Mordenize your search to fit the needs of your household or expectations as a househelp

At myHauzhelp, our mission is to make the process of finding a trusted househelp simple, efficient, and quick. We believe that every home deserves a dependable and skilled househelp who can contribute to a nurturing environment. We strive to empower employers and househelp alike, creating meaningful connections and fostering customer satisfaction through our efficient and streamlined approach. You also have the freedom to connect directly with potential househelps, conduct interviews, and make informed decisions that best suit your household’s needs.








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Our Activities

Transforming Domestic Service, One Houshold At a time


Our Motivation

Our Contribution to Society and Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Poverty Eradication

Poverty eradication remains one of the most critical global challenges. However, a powerful solution lies in sustainable job employment. y creating opportunities for individuals to secure meaningful work, we can pave the way for a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Gender Equality

Empowering women through job employment is central to our mission. Myhauzhelp provides a platform for women to access dignified work, fostering gender equality at both the household and societal levels.

Decent Work and Economic growth

We enable families to find reliable help while ensuring fair wages and proper working conditions for housemaids, contributing to decent work and sustainable economic growth.

How Does it Work


Registration and Profile creation

Domestic workers interested in offering their services would register on the platform. They would create a profile highlighting their skills, experience, availability, and any relevant certifications or references. They may also include details about the specific types of domestic work they specialize in, such as housekeeping, childcare, cooking, gardening, eldercare, or pet care.

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Enter Requirements

You provide your specific requirements to the service. This could include details about the type of work needed, preferred skills or experience, working hours, duration of service, and any additional preferences or special considerations

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Requirements Matching algorithm

Based on the algorithm’s results, the service would present the employer with a list of recommended domestic workers who match their requirements. The client can review the profiles and select the ones they are interested in.

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Rahab Karimi

Founder & CEO


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