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Our Genesis Story

During this beautiful month in the year 2022 , we were blessed with a baby girl making us a family of 5. This brought so much joy in our home , and finally some form of gender balance 😊. We came home settled in and I embarked on this adventure called motherhood.

My house manager was managing the boys well, my house was clean I was well fed , everyone was happy 😀. 1 month in I noticed that my house manager had no interest in the baby and it gave me silent jitters. I started having the fear of leaving her with my months old baby - I needed to see some confidence. Long story short we eventually parted ways amicably. This created a new mission , I called my friends, relatives and anyone I thought could help me out! The process was tiring, but good thing is I eventually got one. She was so good my house was sparkling, kids ok afew challenges but we could manage. Down side was an attitude so big but work so good!

Slowly a toxic environment started creeping in , I had promised myself not to go down this road since I had once been here. 2months in she decided to leave. I was back here again! This time, exhausted! With a new born , school going kids, meals to prepare and me to feed. I went through the same road , calling friends and family for a referral, called a bureau here and there one came on and left after 2days! - I was done ! How do people do this ? I considered resigning and being a full time stay at home mum(my kids would have loved it) but I needed the money!💰💵

Hang in there we have a happy ending, I got a new help , and at the point of interviewing her she was already playing with my baby! - I was sold! All my kids love her! I thought about my rollercoaster and how many of us mums go through this! I thought of how to make it easier for us , getting a place where house managers are already vetted and their profile created. And with this MYHAUZHELP was born!








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